Critical conversations on critical infrastructure

“Uncertainty” might just be the most popular word of 2020. But right now, you need to be even more certain about the resilience of your critical infrastructure. Watch this series of live interactive discussions with IT pros to find out how your peers are managing their networks through profound change. Join the debate in Slack.

Where’s the Automation “Promised Land”?

Next Critical Conversation: September 15, 2020

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This year’s unprecedented shift to remote work has introduced profound disruption to critical infrastructure, new security threats, and accelerated the adoption of cloud applications and services.

This is a community of IT professionals driven by a shared passion for managing these critical DDI challenges.

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Where’s the Automation “Promised Land”?

Join the panel of network experts on September 15 @ 1PM ET

For many of you, the real strategic benefits of automation remain elusive. First of all, automating your network is hard. There is no one “right way” to achieve the nirvana that is being promised.

So let’s get real about it. To give you useful, practical advice when it comes to network automation, we’ve assembled a panel of networking pros to discuss these burning questions:

  • What does automation really mean?
  • Where do large enterprises actually stand on the quest to network automation?
  • What’s worth automating right now?

You’ll walk away from this conversation with a strong sense for what is realistic and worthwhile for your organization, and how to actually affect change for your network.

John Capobianco

Senior IT Planner, Parliament of Canada

Ethan Banks

Co-Founder, PacketPushers

Phoebe Goh

Principal Architect, NetApp

Jon Macy


Andrew Wertkin

Chief Strategy Officer, BlueCat

Move fast and break build things

The burning topics around network automation

You’re told to automate the network. Now what?

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research reveals what steps you can take now to successfully adopt network automation (hint: it’s not learning Python).


The bigger the business, the more misguided the DDI

If we asked you what kind of organization was least likely to use a modern DDI solution, what would you think? Take a guess. The answer certainly surprised us…


Where Hype Meets Reality in SD-WAN & Automation

A Q&A with a networking engineer on automation and SD-WAN hype, architecting IT projects, and the career implications of skipping the latest trend.


What’s next?

Check out the lineup of critical conversations that you won’t want to miss.

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October 27

Walk away with a clearer understanding of what your security counterparts really need (and why they need it), where you can meet them halfway, and how to integrate efforts to truly support suddenly-remote users through this difficult time.

Should you DIY your DDI?

November 24

As we begin to lay down a foundation for our new normal, there’s no shortage of vendors willing to sell us a solution. When it comes to something as critical and complex as DDI, what’s the right approach?

Where’s the Automation “Promised Land”?

Next Critical Conversation: September 15, 2020