BlueCat enhances Adaptive DNS™ platform to help IT teams accelerate application deployments and stop advanced threats

BlueCat announced enhancements to its Adaptive DNS™ platform that give businesses greater control, visibility, and agility by using DNS, DHCP and IP…

New capabilities give network teams visibility over AWS resources and protection against advanced threats with CrowdStrike’s award-winning threat intelligence

TORONTOMay 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –BlueCat today announced enhancements to its Adaptive DNS™ platform that give businesses coping with sudden and profound changes in their network greater control, visibility, and agility using DNS, DHCP and IP address Management (DDI). These new capabilities enable network teams to better integrate cloud resources in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with on-premises networks, protect themselves from advanced cyber threats, and reduce the risk of network outages.

Because the new universal work from home reality has introduced new risks to enterprise networks, BlueCat also introduced several security improvements to BlueCat Threat Protection, its DNS firewall solution. These include the addition of threat feeds from CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, and a feed of public DNS over HTTPS (DoH) servers. Now customers have greater visibility into network traffic, and better protection against phishing, malware, and other threats.

“Today’s reality demands more programmability, efficiency, transparency, and security on the part of network infrastructure than ever before,” says Andrew Wertkin, BlueCat Chief Strategy Officer. “Over the last month we have seen incredible changes in network traffic – like a 1500% increase in DoH requests across our customer base. Organizations can no longer afford to overlook the critical role DDI can play in achieving better visibility and control over endpoints, wherever they are physically located.”

BlueCat customers are moving to hybrid environments, and adapting to remote work and security requirements at a record pace. New enhancements to Adaptive DNS™ help address these challenges.

  • BlueCat Cloud Discovery & Visibility for AWS: Many network teams struggle to gain visibility into networks and IP assignment in AWS, leading to DNS silos and data conflicts. This new capability provides automated discovery, inventory, and continuous synchronization of AWS cloud-based IP and DNS configurations, reducing time to remediate problems and costly downtime.
  • BlueCat Threat Protection now includes CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence: Network and security teams can now enhance DNS data with rich context from CrowdStrike’s threat intelligence to guard against attacks. Customers can also add a BlueCat-curated list of public DoH servers to BlueCat response policy zones to reduce DoH queries and ensure continued visibility into all network traffic. CrowdStrike’s real-time threat intelligence accelerates alert triage and response to sophisticated threats. With the incorporation of CrowdStrike’s threat intelligence into the BlueCat Threat Protection offering, BlueCat customers will benefit from instant visibility and a better understanding of threats, allowing them to proactively take action against future adversary activity.
  • BlueCat Unified DDI: Other improvements to the BlueCat Adaptive DNS™ platform include a significant increase in scale and an enhanced user experience. Further, customers can now deploy cloud-managed Edge service points on BlueCat appliances to take advantage of intelligent query logging, forwarding and advanced security policies without requiring new virtual infrastructure.

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