DNS training, from A Record to Zone File

Proper administration of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) is critical for the day-to-day operation of every network. BlueCat offers a wide range of training options to grow the skillset of your network team, from DNS basics to advanced functionality. Our DNS training courses for partners and resellers provide the strategic context for selling Adaptive DNS solutions in a growing market.

DNS explained

As networks become increasingly complex, the gap in knowledge that network administrators face on a day-to-day basis also keeps growing. Having a thorough understanding of network infrastructure is crucial for unlocking its true potential. Our courses for customers, partners, and resellers provide your team with the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of your technology investment.

BlueCat Learning

Our On-demand eLearning Platform called BlueCat Learning has comprehensive, interactive and engaging courses on every button, switch, process and part of the BlueCat product suite as well as content pertaining to DNS and DHCP protocols.  Through our all-you-can-learn platform, we offer something for everyone. Whether you are a network administrator, DDI operator, network security team professional or part of the DevOps team, we offer the skills you need to take your network to the next level.


Instructor-Led Training

We get it – online learning isn’t for everyone. At BlueCat, we offer in-person and virtual instructor led training that gives you and your employees the opportunity to benefit from a hands-on classroom environment. All instructor-led training includes practical, hands-on lab exercises that prepare you and your team to hit the ground running as soon as the course is completed.

The BlueCat training curriculum

BlueCat Integrity Fundamentals

Focuses on the administration of the BlueCat Address Manager solution and the core network services provided by the BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server™

Topics Covered:
– Introduction to Integrity
– Managing the IP Space
– Managing DHCP
– Managing DNS
– Server Administration
– IP Discovery and Reconciliation
– Crossover High Availability
– DNS Security

Who is this for? Networking professionals and DDI administrators with a good understanding of TCP/IP, DNS and DHCP
Format and length: Available as a three day instructor-led program and 10 hours of self-guided elearning modules
Certification Exam:BlueCat Fundamentals Certified Professional

BlueCat Security and Advanced Configuration

DNS security and advanced IP address management. Implement security configurations on virtual machines through a series of lab exercises. Taught by industry experts.

Topics Covered:
– Securing BlueCat Systems
– Using IPv4 modelling tools
– Securing DNS
– Querylogging and Logging Channels
– DNS attacks and mitigation strategies
– Optimal DNS architectures
– How to configure DNSSEC
– How to configure DNS threat protection

Who is this for? DDI administrators with a general understanding of networking concepts, TCP/IP protocols, and a strong grasp of DNS, DHCP and IPv4 addressing
Prerequisite: Integrity Fundamentals
Format and length: Available as a one day instructor-led program
Certification Exam:BlueCat Advanced Certified Professional

BlueCat Support Provider Fundamentals

Advanced troubleshooting and management of BlueCat Address Manager and BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server.

Topics Covered:
– Linux toolbox level 1
– Supporting DNS/DHCP Server
– Supporting Address Manager
– Providing Support with Datarake Diagnostics
– Linux toolbox level 2
– Working with Customer Success

Who is this for? Advanced DDI administrators with extensive experience working with BlueCat Integrity
Prerequisite: Integrity Fundamentals, Security and Advanced Certification
Format and length: 4 hours of self-guided elearning modules.
Certification Exam:BlueCat Advanced Certified Support Professional

BlueCat Edge Fundamentals

Administration of DNS Edge, policy management, and forensic investigation

Topics Covered:
– Edge concepts
– Navigation and user management
– Filtering Edge data
– Edge Namespace and Sites
– Working with policies

Who is this for? Security teams and DDI administrators
Prerequisite: Integrity Fundamentals, and a general familiarity with TCP/IP, DNS, and Linux.
Format and length: Available as a two day instructor-led program and 4 hours of self-guided elearning modules.

BlueCat Gateway Fundamentals

Configuration of BlueCat DNS automation tools, managing BlueCat certified automation workflows, customizing automation settings.

Topics Covered:
– Edge concepts
– Navigation and user management
– Filtering Edge data
– Edge Namespace and Sites
– Working with policies

Who is this for? DDI administrators and network automation teams
Prerequisite:Integrity Fundamentals, general familiarity with TCP/IP, DNS, and Linux. Experience with Address Manager and Python recommended.
Format and length: Available as a two-day instructor-led program and 4 hours of self-guided e-learning modules.


All of our courses are housed under a single platform called BlueCat Learning. This is a great choice for those looking for a self-paced interactive learning experience.

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Instructor-led training provides practical, hands-on instruction that allows you and your team to hit the ground running as soon as the course is completed.

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BlueCat Partner Fundamentals

DNS is a critical part of any network transformation project. BlueCat offers DNS courses and training for partners on how to uncover value drivers, guide conversations at all levels about strategic initiatives, and upsell advanced capabilities.

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Get acquainted with BlueCat’s solution offering and value proposition

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